New World Order ยท Agenda 2030


the power elite conspiracy

New World Order

Genocidal History

We discuss historical events that suggest the existence of the power elite, such as the formation of secret societies and the actions of powerful families.

Corrupted Politics

We explore how political systems have been corrupted by the power elite, such as through campaign finance laws and lobbying.

Manipulated Finance

We examine the ways in which financial systems have been manipulated to benefit the power elite, such as the creation of central banks and the use of debt-based currency.

Controlled Technology

We examine how technology has been used by the power elite to surveil and control the masses, such as through the use of social media and artificial intelligence.

Controlled Media

We explore how media ownership has been consolidated into the hands of a few powerful individuals or corporations, allowing them to control the narrative and influence public opinion.

Brainwashing Schools

We examine how education systems have been designed to maintain the power of the elite, such as through the promotion of conformity and the suppression of critical thinking.

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