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How The Elite Control The Masses

If you think that what you choose to consume is based purely on choice, think again. Whether you are aware or not, the small percentage that makes up the world’s elite control what is considered valuable and manipulate structures of power to their advantage - to maintain the status quo.


From technology to media, subliminal messaging is used to govern thought processing to dissuade a critical perspective or, even worse, an awakening of consciousness. The official narrative from those who possess influence and power is based on preserving a capitalist ideal and on abolishing free thought. The systems in which you are encouraged to trust are constructed to divide, conquer, and instill a sense of modern-day slavery.


A culture of fear is when there is a constructed state of terrorizations and anxiety within a public sphere. The elite instill these looming threats as a means of manipulating the masses by shaping the information that we consume. This presents itself through exploiting scientific findings that are cloaked as research. The latest findings are then aimed in such a way that it requires warnings to protect people from preconceived danger. The people then put their trust in developing solutions, whose means are rarely questioned.


Disaster capitalism refers to the practice of a government that takes advantage of a major disaster, for the sake of making a profit. From this adversity, economic systems are then created, which would normally not be accepted under normal circumstances. Humans are then expected to adapt to these new models, which are not advantageous to their growth and development. Examples of disaster capitalism include the privatization of security, changes to public infrastructure and hyperinflation of the market. And once the government has created enough panic distract the people, they can easily process otherwise unpopular policies under a guise of protection during catastrophe.


It is far easier to assume dominance and control when you break down strong communities to turn them against one another. This divide and conquer strategy helps maintain the power of the status quo because smaller divisions are less likely to challenge power structures. Those who are willing to cooperate within the more significant system are rewarded but are also used as pawns to turn against their fellow citizens. By creating distrust and distractions among smaller groups, elites are free to build up even more influence. Both literally and figuratively, the divide, conquer, and rule policy help authoritative forces expand their rule across territories and permeate schools of thought.


To the establishment, free thinkers pose a serious threat. There are two different interpretations of this concept; the first relates to individualists that do not accept organized religion teachings. The second analysis refers to a broader and more anarchist vision. Freethinkers are truth-seekers who seek to break the chains of mental slavery. For the elite, individualist views threaten to influence the people around them and, as such, threaten to destroy authoritarian organizations.

Eye of Providence

This intricate symbol depicts an eye inside a triangle, nestled in the middle of beaming rays. The all-seeing eye is a reminder that everything that humans think and do remains under the watchful eye of God. This also denotes impending doom under the dominance of a controlling, elite force. And while this symbol has its roots in organized religion, most notably Christianity, it can also reference more atheist forms of authority such as the Freemasons or the Illuminati. It also has miscellaneous uses in designs for a coat of arms, fraternities, sororities, military seals and badges.

Manufactured Crisis

Market manipulation is another tactic to obtain mass control over the economy. This concept refers to the act of falsifying the market value or price or a product or service in a way that interferes with the way it is traded or sold. Luckily, market manipulation is prohibited in many countries, including the United States. Examples of market manipulation can include stock bashing and pump dump schemes for the purpose of exploiting investor relations.


This term gained popularity in 2017, but its origins date back to 1945, as a way to describe people who mindlessly obey their government without critical thought. This meaning is undoubtedly favorable to elite forces who wish to maintain control over the masses. Considered an insult, this word attempts to call people out on being docile and complicit in the face of oppressive systems of power. Interestingly enough, the creation of this word can also play into the ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic, as far as citizens turning against one another, as opposed to offering education and support. But since collaboration between communities could suggest a threat to authority, it’s easier for those in power to preserve the word ‘sheeple’ in order to maintain in-fighting among subgroups.

Corporate Media

Of course, you should say the good folks are in power! When information is shared as an ‘official narrative,’ it creates a false vision of truth and does not account for those who are acting in self-interest. The main problem with an official narrative is that it fails to recognize human shortcomings, such as personal bias, ruptures in self-integrity, and class and privilege issues. Elite influencers also use an official narrative to trivialize complex issues by removing aspects that do not enhance their primary objective. What better way to assume control than by creating a definite statement, which is supported by authoritative powers.

Evil Empire

It lurks all around you, casting an intangible darkness. Whether or not you are a fan of conspiracy theories, secret governments are often the inspiration behind hit television shows. These shadows or ‘invisible’ governments have been used to describe a variety of structured organizations more potent than the current leadership. From the Vatican to central banks to secret societies, theorists are consumed with the notion that these shadow governments act on their own self-interest and maintain a hidden agenda from the general population. Every elite knows that the masses are powerless against shadows!

Spiritual Blindness

When maintaining control over the masses, it is in the best interest of the elite to maintain the status quo; but what does this mean? Tracing the phrase back to its Latin roots, the concept translates to “the state in which,” denoting to keep things are they currently are. When systems are put into place that best serve authoritarian rule, you had better believe that powerful forces will be active in sustaining these values. Examples of this are demonstrated every day through political dictatorship and oppressive social conditioning. Those who challenge the current sociopolitical climate will always be met with a defense that is far greater in strength.


Kill Your Idols was an American punk band who recorded from 1995 until 2007 and was also the name of a 2006 documentary film. The idea behind this title was to encourage individualism as opposed to being influenced by false symbols. Idolatry itself is the worship of cult images or statues which actually have little relevance to daily life, aside from any historical meaning. However, the powerful symbolism behind certain idols-particularly within a religious context still holds weight. While slowly losing its once-popular appeal, symbolism and idol worship is still used as a reliable method to maintain dominance over the masses.


In the words of George Orwell, “Big brother is watching you,” which is a well-known phrase taken from Orwell’s classic 1949 novel ‘Nineteen Eighty Four.’ In today’s modern times, this famous expression is used to describe the watchful eye of an authoritative government particularly its relation to surveillance and abuse of power. For those living in North America or any country with a democratic rule, you may feel a warped sense of security, believing that you are safe from vindictive influences or administrative control. However, there are many ways in which the ruling elite govern the masses, often in subtle ways that are difficult to question or pinpoint. If you genuinely want to free yourself as an individual, you can start by examining systems of power


Assume a critical eye when consuming media or messages that are deemed ‘official instructions.’ Strengthen your community ties so that you can build unbreakable bonds that are not easily divided. Question authority and consider the ways in which particular rules benefit those in command. Try working to live, not living to work, and learn how you can dismantle oppression systems of power whenever possible.



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